Back in 2008, Ron Arad, an Israeli architect/renowned designer, and Yves Bouvier, creator and investor of LE FREEPORT Singapore, were discussing the design and fabrication of a centre piece installation for LE FREEPORT Singapore. A few drawings, ideas and discussions later, Ron Arad came up with a very revolutionary design.

The project Cage sans Frontières (“Cage without gates”) was initiated and a huge operation – which you would actually never begin if you knew in advance all that it entailed – got off to a start.

The cage was made in Cantu (Italy) by Marzorati Ronchetti’s mastermind, Roberto Travaglia. Materials used were polished stainless steel and corten steel. The piece, which is 38.42 meters long times 10.34 meters side and 5.23 meters high, had to be packed and shipped but (hold on…), not directly to Singapore but first to New York for Ron Arad’s “No discipline” exhibition at the MoMA, from August to October 2009. The individual and combined gates would hold together like a metal grid and contained furnishing and designs by Ron Arad. A very spectacular display!

Later that year, the sculpture made its way across the Pacific Ocean to Singapore. It was a complex transport operation to organise. Several operations had to be supervised and complex logistic solutions designed to transport the 72 tonnes, corresponding to 613 cubic meters, which were allocated to 13 different container types and special equipment, ultimately split into “flats”, “high cube” and “open tops”.

Additionally, on site, it took 10 technicians and engineers almost four months to have it ready and in place. This amazing “statement of elegance” was installed in LE FREEPORT’s atrium in time for inauguration festivities in May 2010.

Today, this very dynamic installation is still in total harmony with the bare concrete walls as well as the red, blue, green, white and yellow reflecting LED light installation by Johanna Grawunder. All visitors of Fine Art Logistics Natural Le Coultre Singapore can admire the sculpture, which has pride of place in the atrium.

Fine Art Logistics Natural Le Coultre, Singapore