Developed with the highest of expectations in mind, our showrooms are the perfect context for exhibiting artwork. The facilities are truly unique – understated, secure and designed to deliver a thoroughly enjoyable visitor experience.

In addition to featuring subtle modern aesthetics, they also ensure ideal lighting, humidity and temperature conditions, transforming them into the perfect environment for admiring art collections. Our showrooms are large, from 72 to 84m², making them equally suitable for business meetings or private events.

Because they are located next to our warehouses, these showrooms significantly reduce excessive handling and the troublesome relocations that so often accompany exhibitions of valuable objects. We can guarantee first-rate visibility and maximum security, while minimising logistics, risks, as well as transport times and costs.

Our infrastructure is the result of long-term experience gained by working with business partners who continually entrust us with their valuables. Among them are museums, auction houses, institutions, collectors, art dealers and cultural stakeholders, all of whom settle for nothing but the best. By accommodating their requirements and making their goals our own, we are now able to make this spectacular setting in Singapore available to everyone.

C. Pauli, General Manager
Fine Art Logistics Natural Le Coultre, Singapore