Fine Art Logistics: storehouse detail



Secured storage

Our spacious and highly secured warehouses are situated next to Singapore’s Changi International Airport. We are a prime full service provider in the modern purpose built LE FREEPORT Singapore, a specialized logistics building, designed distinctively for storing works of art and valuables in the best possible conservation and preservation conditions. We also offer safety vaults for precious metals, jewellery, fine watches and other collectible items and even have wine cellars.

General and private storage facilities are available, optimized and geared to the requirements of the works and items to be stored. Handling personnel and specific professional equipment are on site at all times. We also provide fully and specially equipped showrooms for private viewings.

State of the art ultra-modern alarm and monitoring systems and the latest surveillance technologies for continual monitoring of temperature and hygrometry provide you with 24/7/365 maximum security and perfect conditions.

We provide

  • Fine art storage
  • Modular storage areas
  • Private storage suites
  • Private vaults suites in high security zones
  • Storage of vintage cars
  • Wine cellars