“We are Asia” is the “leitmotif” of Art Stage Singapore, which returns in 2017, as the 7th edition, with a stronger Southeast Asian Identity. Art Stage is the anchor event of the Singapore Art Week and takes place from 12 to 15 January 2017 at the Marina Bays Sands Expo and Convention Centre.

Art Stage Singapore is presenting a diverse range of carefully selected galleries from across Asia and the world. So far 126 exhibitors from 26 countries are already confirmed. 80 percent of the participating galleries hail from Asia Pacific and about one third of the total number of galleries are Southeast Asian. 75% of the participating exhibitors are actually returning galleries from previous Art Stage years and editions. This clearly defines Art Stage Singapore 2017 as a top international art fair with an Asian identity and the place to be.

Novum: Collectors Stage. Art Stage 2017 presents for the first time a Singapore collectors’ show. This is a collaboration project between Art Stage Singapore and The Artling. The show will feature artworks from the collections of six leading Singapore-based collectors who will open up their collections or better said a selection of artworks to be featured in a special exhibition at the Art Stage Fair.

At the same time the 2nd Southeast Asia Forum is presented, which aims to emphasize the balance between art, commerce and content. This forum is a thematic program which includes an exhibition and a series of lectures that offer more focused and deeper views into global issues which have a direct impact on Southeast Asia. The second Southeast Asia Forum will focus on the theme of capitalism and is entitled “Net Present Value: Art, Capital, Futures”.

Le Freeport Singapore is one of the main partners amongst other strategic partners such as the Economic Development Board (EDB), Singapore Tourism Board (STB), National Arts Council (NAC) the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) and the National Gallery Singapore.

Fine Art Logistics Natural Le Coultre Pte Ltd helps galleries and collectors before/during/after the fair with customs procedures and fair booth (de)installations and reverse logistics once the fair has come to an end.

See you @Art Stage 2017.

Christian Pauli – Managing Director
Fine Art Logistics Natural Le Coultre, Singapore


Interview with Lorenzo Rudolf : Founder, Owner and President of Art Stage Singapore and Art Stage Jakarta

What motivated you to create Art Stage and why was Singapore as a place chosen ?

Lorenzo Rudolf :  I have directed Art Basel and made it the world event it is up to date, I have created Basel Miami Beach, the most important art fair in the US, I have lead the Frankfurt Book Fair, the biggest cultural fair at the time, I have built up Palm Beach!, the most sophisticated fine art fair at the time in America, I have consulted Arte Fiera Bologna, Italy’s flagship fair, I have realized Shanghai Contemporary, the first big and really international art fair in Asia; I felt that it was time to start a new phase in live, to go back to creative basics, and, after the kids all successfully flew out, to do something together with my wife Maria Elena. The Singaporean Economic Development Board (EDB) and the Tourism Board (STB) have already back in the 90’s expressed interest towards me to start something new and exciting in Singapore as there was not too much exposure for Singapore in the international art arena at that time and in general.

Since Shanghai I was fascinated and impressed by the variety and freshness of Asian contemporary art, especially by the incredible creativity of the emerging scenes in Southeast Asia. I spent enough time leading and developing the big brands of the art world, I wanted to create something new and to contribute and help to put Southeast Asia on the global art map. It was clear to me and I am deeply convinced that Singapore, being a major player in the financial world and markets, has the potential and logically will to become part of the international art market. There are direct or indirect links related to this as you can also see with other cities such as London, Paris, New York, Hong Kong or even now Shanghai/China as a newcomer. Singapore’s political stability, the top notch infrastructure (in the heart of Asia), its multicultural society and also the support and willingness to craft such move together with the support of the EDB, STB as well as the National Art Council, won finally my heart over. I am very happy to be part of this new “eco system” and that ArtStage is also still around (7th edition in 2017)

So how has ArtStage then since its birth developed and grown ?

Lorenzo Rudolf :  In 2011, when we started Art Stage Singapore, there was not a lot around it, so we had to create ourselves an artistic side program (Collectors Stage, a curated museum exhibition showcasing contemporary Asian masterpieces from private collections at the Singapore Art Museum as well as in warehouses at Tanjong Pagar Distripark); today, 7 years later, we have around the fair an entire Art Week with over 80 events. Art Stage Singapore was the catalyst for a strong development of the local and regional art scene, with new galleries, new museums, new art institutions, new art fairs, etc. But also Art Stage is developing well; around ¾ of the exhibiting galleries return for every new edition, the number of local and foreign visitors is increasing from year to year, and, connecting Indonesia, Southeast Asia’s by far strongest art scene and market, closer to us, we even launched this summer a branch in Jakarta.

What or where is the future of Art Stage or the art markets in Asia ?

Lorenzo Rudolf :  Like in any project or business there are challenges, especially in these times. Singapore has emerged and developed into a first world country. A young, multicultural nation which can be proud of its success and places itself very well as a global city/country now. Top notch infrastructure doesn’t come cheap and ever increasing costs across the Singapore landscape are also tests for ArtStage to reinvent ourselves and keep visitors and galleries motivated to come back. We are fostering content more than ever, developing the fair towards a Forum or an Agora, a place where there is an exchange of goods (market), but at the same time also an exchange of ideas and visions, a platform of discussions and debates, a get-together and meeting place. We created the Southeast Asian Forum, with a curated museum like exhibition and interdisciplinary debates. We re-launched the Collectors Stage, where six leading collectors from Singapore open their collections and showcase selected works never seen in public. And we organize talks, receptions, dinners and parties, in Singapore and all over Southeast Asia, to bring together and matchmake the art scene and art enthusiasts and to connect them even closer to Art Stage.

We will continue creating momentum for Southeast Asian art, for Southeast Asian galleries and artists, collectors, art curators, people and institutions all over the world.

Art Stage Singapore